Time to Celebrate

With Murder You Get Sushi is finally published: both ebook and paperback are available on amazon.com. Now it’s time to celebrate! (Well, it’s actually time to market the book, but more on that later.) Join us in a Mai Tai. Here is our favorite recipe (courtesy of Trader Vic). Unlike other Mai Tai recipes, this does not include pineapple juice; pineapple juice has absolutely no place in a Mai Tai. We’ve done extensive market testing with this and have overwhelmingly positive reviews from our tasters––those that were intelligible after a couple belts.

(Speaking of positive reviews, we could use a few more on Amazon and Goodreads.)



2 oz. dark rum

1 ½ oz. lime juice

½ oz. triple sec or orange Curacao

½ oz. orgeat syrup

1 oz. simple syrup (1:1 ratio hot water and confectioner’s sugar. A coffee measure of hot water and confectioner’s sugar is about 1 oz.)

Mix together and serve over crushed ice. (Important: helps dilute the rum). Garnish with maraschino cherry, pineapple wedge, and mint. Serve.

Warning: Do not drive, operate heavy machinery, ski, surf, sign legal documents, “reply all” on emails, or attempt to train a tiger shark after drinking.

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