“Whiteout” in Chesapeake Crimes: Storm Warning! by Wildside Press, 2016. Olympic skier Erik Rotter, beloved by women and despised by their husbands, is murdered on the slopes of Sun Valley Ski Resort.

“Hot Tea And A Drone” in Mystery Weekly, February 2016. Mad at the Hatter, who will kill him first: Tweedledum, the Queen of Hearts, or a March Hare?

“Heartfelt” in Mystery Times by Buddhapuss Ink, 2015. A man dies from multiple shocks by his cardiac defibrillator. Was it a faulty implant or was it murder?

“Vehicular Homicide” in The Ghoul’s Review: Summer/Fall 2015. The owner of a driver-less car is under investigation when her vehicle commits vehicular homicide? Who tampered with the vehicle’s accident avoidance software … and why?


With Murder You Get Sushi, 2014With_Murder_You_Get__CoverEmma Jones, IT consultant, corpse magnet, and sometime sleuth doesn’t realize her assignment in Hawai‘i will be such a blast until a car bomb deposits Yet Another Stiff in her path: Greg Walker, a loathsome Lothario and despised real estate developer. Suspects abound, including a former Miss Lentil Beauty queen and the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia. Complicating Emma’s investigation is a parade of visitors to Hawaii: her boyfriend, Keoni; her best gal pal, Stacey; and her mother, armed with enough self-defense gizmos to hold off King Kamehameha’s army. Paradise, it seems, abounds with evil. (Remember Eve and the snake?) Menacing notes and threatening tails have Emma taking evasive action, while the endless conspiracy theories of Edvard, a paranoid coworker, have her seeing “Them” at every turn. Will Emma’s snooping and shoot-from-the-hip interrogations bring the killer to justice, or just to ice her?

Denial of Service, 2012 DenialofServiceFinal300dpiMost definitely not a private investigator, detective, beat cop, sidekick or girlfriend of any of the above, Emma Jones nonetheless has an alarming penchant for close encounters of the corpse kind. This time, she finds peace activist Laguna Butterfield pierced with a protest placard – three days after Emma’s landlady Magda threatened to kill her. Whether she is infiltrating the anti-war Lime-O group to track down Laguna’s killer, consulting at a recently devoured – er, acquired – candy company, or surfing in shark-infested waters, Emma faces the angry and aggrieved at every turn. Even her ‘ipo (sweetie) Keoni is aggressively advocating for Hawaiian sovereignty. Sometimes, saving a friend from a truly heinous orange jumpsuit requires becoming a fashion victim yourself. Emma prays that wearing lime green is the worst that happens – this time around.

 Outsourcing Murder, 2011


Emma Jones, a 20-something IT consultant, is working on an outsourcing project at Tahiti Tacos, a restaurant chain offering Polynexican cuisine – refried poi, anyone? Emma despises her boss Padmanabh, a brilliant but arrogant partner in GD Consulting. When Emma discovers His-Royal-Padness’s body (verdict: death by cricket bat), she becomes a suspect. 

With her overprotective family and her best friend Stacey providing endless support and advice, Emma stumbles her way through an investigation of Padmanabh’s murder, bolstered by fusion food feeding frenzies, endless cups of frou-frou coffee and serious surfing sessions. While Stacey knows a PI who owes her a favor, landlady Magda urges Emma to tart up her underwear drawer before the next cute cop with a search warrant arrives. Emma’s mother fixes her up with a PhD student at Berkeley and showers her with self-defense gizmos while her old lover Keoni beckons from Hawai‘i. And everyone, even Shaun the barista, knows a good lawyer. 

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